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Hip joint and bone anatomy concept photo

We want to get you moving again!

Your body is constantly repairing itself.  Stem cells play a key role in this process.  Stem cells are formed in the bone marrow and have the ability to transform themselves into any other cell in your body. 


Cell Therapy uses bone marrow cells to help heal and replace the damaged tissues causing you pain. 


Helping Your Body Heal Itself

Cell Therapy (concentrated bone marrow aspiration) involves extracting bone marrow (typically from your hip) and subjecting harvested cells to minimal processing in a closed system.


Our doctors then inject this concentrated cell mixture directly where it is needed. Because these cells are from your own body they are perfectly welcome by your immune system with little risk of rejection-related complications.   

Your body directs yet-to-be transformed cells to become the type of cells needed to restore damaged tissues such as cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle or even bone.   

The process also signals the body to recruit other cells to help heal the area. 

Patience is Rewarded

We ask that you be patient as your amazing body heals itself. 

Many patients notice improvements within 4-6 weeks and see maximum benefits by six months.  Often, these results last for a period of years. 

We may suggest a related therapy using platelet rich plasma to accelerate the healing effect.


Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation, including one patient's experience.  A brief version of that patient's story is here. 

Dr. Tom Lazoff answers questions about about Regenerative Medicine in this recent radio interview. 

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